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People Profiler

People Profiler

2 day ADVANCED SALES SKILLS training course

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* Create powerful business relationships built on TRUST
* Strengthen you existing customer LOYALTY
* Build HIGH QUALITY 'conditions' for win/win influencing

"I've worked in sales for many years but the content on this course was completely NEW! The course was AMAZING. Nick's style of delivery kept me on the edge of my seat...I would recommend this course to ANYONE in SALES"
Nancy Marazzi - Financial Solutions Manager: NetApp

How to get your prospects and customers to STICK TO YOU LIKE GLUE!

In the current economy where many of your competitors are seeking to build relationships with your clients, you might want to think about using techniques that make you STICK LIKE GLUE to your customers! Afterall, you've worked darn hard to get them. Why risk losing them?

"Nick's indepth knowledge of the subject matter and his flawless presentation skills made the investment of time and money a no brainer. Nick takes current sales skills to another level and his training provides an advantage that in todays ultra-competitive world is invaluable!"

Gary King - Financial Solutions Manager: NetApp

The advanced sales techniques you are about to learn on this People Profiler training program will enable you to get your new and current clients, candidates and customers to 'stick' to you like glue as you discover how to use the Mr Presenter People Profiler tool.

Many relationships are lost (or don't even start!) in business because of the lack of appreciation of the subtle differences apparent from person to person. People are motivated differently, make decisions differently, even buy differently! A one size fits all sales approach does not work.

By attending this psychology based sales training course you will:

* Learn how to profile your client/customer/candidate
* Know what type and style of language is appropriate for each type to take action
* Build deeper levels of trust and confidence in your clients/candidates/customers

"Mind blowing...." Karen Redman, Company Car Rental

Skills you will learn on this training are:

* How to spot a client/candidate motivation direction
* How a person prefers to be 'closed' by having choices/limited choices
* How to find out if the person prefers to make quick decisions or not
* Find out a persons preferred 'workplace preference' so you can sell to it!
* Uncover many other unique attributes that lead to relationship success!

After the course you will:

* Have stronger relationships with your customers than your competition
* Have full confidence in your sales meetings knowing you have 'advantage'
* Retain and attract high quality relationships
* Have peace of mind that your communication matches your customers
* Produce more margin and business results.

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People Profiler

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