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Precision Selling

Precision Selling

2 day sales training course

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* Learning step by step processes that develop deep relationships

* How to spot and sell to visual, auditory and kinesthetic personality types

* Successfully develop your language skills so you sell emotional benefits

* Create agreement frames and move the client towards making the right decision

* Objection handling 'systems' that make tough objections easy to handle

* Learn psychological sales approaches that give you a distinct advantage!

In today's environment, every sales meeting is an opportunity which must be maximised. Equipping your team with advanced influencing techniques will enable you to outperform your competitors as you utilise a superior set of communication skills with the highest level of confidence.

This training is for:

Sales Executives, Account Managers, Sales Consultants and Recruitment Consultants looking to attract and maintain the highest level of commitment from new and prospective clients and candidates alike.

"An expert in his field" Stephanie Dick, O2 Telefonica

The current economic climate means that no-one can afford to lose a customer or key account by failing to control the direction of a meeting. With our advanced sales presentation training you can create preferable conditions for winning business!

By the end of this training your team will be:

* Recharged and enthused about future sales meetings!
* Churning out higher levels of activity than before
* Closing more business and generating more profit for the business!

To find out if this is the right sales training course for you and your team call 0808 108 4848 now!


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Precision Selling

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