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Precision Presenter


Experience a massive boost to your personal influencing effectiveness!
2 day training course

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September 2016, JW Marriot Marquis, Dubai - TAKING BOOKINGS

"Thanks for a GREAT training session!"
Amanda Jones, Crowne Relocations UAE

Ibrahim Zidane, Sales Manager, Medifour, UAE

Having highly effective presentation skills training is essential for your working life. Everyday business people have meetings, pitch concepts, present solutions inside and outside of the business. 

For sales prospects and employees, seeing a person who is confident and assured whilst presenting is absolutely vital. In addition, having high quality communication skills and composure sets a positive tone for conveying the message behind your presentation.

Maybe you feel that you'd like the 'edge' in sales meetings and want to win even more business. Or you might be a team manager looking to develop your inner confidence and presentation style. Either way, this training is guaranteed to 'rapidly advance' your presentation skills by taking them to the next level and beyond.....

Now, you can enhance your personal and audience experience further by undertaking the advanced presentation skills coaching course - "Precision Presenter"

This business focused presentation skills training course is for business people who want to:

* Win more business through presenting ideas and sales solutions
* Improve 'leadership' style and confidence levels infront of employees
* Develop a flexible style that appeals to different personality types.
* Have complete composure and confidence in presenting contexts
* Make it easy for audiences large and small to buy concepts and ideas easily



What you'll learn on the PRECISION PRESENTER advanced presentation skills training course:

* Learn 'essential' audience influencing skills verbal and non-verbal
* Enhance your personal presentation confidence
* Learn essential considerations when planning your content
* Get to grips with how to develop your personal presentation delivery style
* Skills and drills to develop your skill set rapidly so you are 'job ready'
* Language techniques for creating agreement and commitment easily

In future all your presentations will:

* Bring in 'more business from sales' opportunities
* Create 'shared conditions' built on respect and trust
* Connect, 'resonate' and influence your audience
* Encourage action and commitment from the listener
* Show you and your message in a confident and assured way




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Precision Presenter

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