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NLP Recruitment Sales Practitioner

NLP Recruitment Sales Practitioner

Trainer - Nick Hill, Certified NLP Trainer

NLP is a fantastic set of tools that improve personal performance. Whether it's your desire to improve your influencing skills in sales and management or to improve your personal mindset through the use of high powered psychology tools, this NLP Recruitment Sales Practitioner training course guarantees performance improvement.

This Training course can be delivered over 4 days or can be purchased in 'units' to accomodate busy sales people and managers.

On this NLP Recruitment Sales Practitioner training you'll learn:

Processes that identify your personal areas for development
Psychology tools that build personal belief in your ability to succeed
Processes and techniques that build confidence fast
Language skills training for effective selling of concepts and ideas
Communication techniques to handle confrontation, negotiations conflict
Psychological profiling tools for enhanced customer relationships
and much much more....

At the end of this training you'll want to get straight back to work with your new found skills, ready to utilise what you learned and accelerate your career towards whichever direction you want to take it.

For more information on this challenging but highly exciting program call 0808 108 4848


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NLP Recruitment Sales Practitioner

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