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Gone in 60 Seconds

CD Audio (35 minutes) £17.99 + VAT


You have up to 60 seconds to make that all important impression when put in a situation where you have to describe what you do for a living so you better make it GREAT!

One way you can achieve this is by the Mr Presenter Gone in 60 Seconds audio product, a fantastic and easy to listen to guide to 'effective elevator pitching' at business networking events.


Buy Gone in 60 Seconds by downloading it RIGHT NOW and immediately learn how to:

* Stand like a seasoned presenter
* Design a highly potent elevator pitch
* Learn how to get your audience to say 'yes'
* How to plant seeds in the audience mind....

"Great fun, guaranteed to boost your confidence and terrific value for money!"
Tim Hill, Joliffe Cork

After listening to the Gone in 60 Seconds presentation training product you will:

* Look forward to your next networking event
* Be equipped with tools that will lead to more business
* Feel extremely confident doing your presentation!

Download your comprehensive audio presentation skills training course NOW!


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Gone in 60 Seconds

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