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Nick Hill is Mr Presenter, the sales and presentation trainer

Who Is Mr Presenter?

If its DRAMATIC SALES IMPROVEMENT you want, then it's best to know who you're dealing with isn't it? Read on....or have a click through the photo gallery on the right, over there with the picture on it.

Sales Management and Business Development specialist
Nick Hill is a SALES SPECIALIST who helps companies set up, manage and exceed sales objectives. With an enviable TRACK RECORD in helping companies GROW Nick is the PERFECT CHOICE to help you and the sales people in your business to become ULTRA SUCCESSFUL.

10 Years Recruitment Consultancy Sales Management

With 10 years under his belt in Recruitment Sales Consultancy as a Consultant, Team Leader and Business Manager, Nick discovered he had a passion for enabling others to perform to high standards and at the same time realised his keen eye for operational detail meant that he was really successful in creating and developing thorough processes for analysing sales consultant performance.

Expert in Persuasion, Psychology and NLP
Nick took the process further and invested heavily in training himself to understand all he could about verbal and non-verbal communication techniques and how to improve your behaviour using psychology tools. As a Certified Trainer of NLP, he rapidly became a respected authority in understanding persuasive language and influencing behaviours of different personality types in business communication settings to create business, engage employees, win new business and retain customers.

Track record in creating HIGH PERFORMERS

6 years in and Mr Presenter training and consultancy services provide platforms for businesses and their sales people to reach their potential and be ultra successful in what it is that they do leading to higher levels of income and job satisfaction for those who choose to work with Mr Presenter. Significant results include an 83% increase in sales for a global telecommunications provider!

Global client list
Many people in many businesses around the world have improved their sales confidence, leadership style and sales procedures and witnessed immediate improvements in operational and sales skill levels achieving greater personal and professional outcomes. Clients stretch as far as Malaysia, US, Canada, Middle East and of course all over the UK.

All consultancy and training comes with a GUARANTEE of improvement, guarantees of sales activity increases and revenue that follows!


Call Mr Presenter NOW on 0808 108 4848 today and look forward to seeing bigger sales results!


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