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Training Courses / NLP

  • NLP Recruitment Sales Practitioner

    Becoming an NLP Recruitment Sales Practitioner means that you are able to utilise psychological processes and techniques that change your behaviour in your business role. In addition, the ability to learn language models and non-verbal techniques means that your personal influencing effectiveness will be far greater than you could ever imagine. Expect big results fast!

    Who is it for?

    Business Leaders
    Divisional Managers
    Recruitment Sales Consultants
    Account Managers
    Business Developers
    HR Professionals
    Business Coachers

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  • HEAD Software

    1-2-1 sessions for those wanting dramatic shifts in personal performance. NLP processes and techniques can allow a person to change their thinking habits, develop confidence to perform challenging tasks, remove fear of cold calling, public speaking, dealing with challenging employees. Any situation where you don't feel on 'top form' can be changed rapidly so you perform to the standard you want to.

    "After having my confidence knocked quite badly I had a session with Nick to help me get over my nerves of public speaking at business networking events. It's worked! Highly recommended!"
    Suzanne Bickerdike, Director at SMB

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