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  • Consultant Profiling

    As a recruitment sales manager you'll know how important it is to really understand the personality types and communication style preferences of people in your team so you can get them to generate more revenue!  One of the most important things missing from mainstream profiling (MBTI, DISC, Platinum Rule) are the exact communication patterns (verbal and no verbal) you need to influence team types. This Team Profiling product gives you everything you need to manage, motivate and communicate to 'specific types.'

    Who is this for?

    Sales Directors,
    Operations Managers
    Sales Team Leaders

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  • Visionary Leader

    An exciting and highly effective sales manager development program to equip sales leaders with essential tools for creating and managing high performing sales teams. The course provides a platform for the creation of a mini business unit within the business, the development of a strategy to reach objectives. development of KPI's and how to 'manage' yourself and the team.

    Who is it for?

    Sales Managers
    Employees stepping up into management
    Divisional Team Leaders

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