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PART 2: Top 10 Elevator Pitching TIPS for business networking

Published 12/11/2013 Author Nick Hill

How are you getting on with your presentation?  Have you implemented any of the techniques from PART 1: Top 10 Elevator Pitching TIPS for business networking ? … Read more

60 Second Presenting: The Emotional Benefit Statement

Published 15/10/2013 Author Nick Hill

Step 2 – The Emotional Benefit Statement Develop a business purpose statement and ensure you are selling the emotions of your product/service wh… Read more

60 Second Presenting: Dramatically improving your Elevator Pitch

Published 04/09/2013 Author Nick Hill

How’s your networking elevator pitch? Here’s Step 1 of some tips on how to improve your existing skill: … Read more

Setting goals for business networking

Published 23/08/2013 Author Nick Hill

"Market, Message, Media." I started working with a business coach some time back who I met at a networking event. When discussing marketing strategies that phrase "Market, … Read more

PART 1: Top 10 Elevator Pitching TIPS for business networking

Published 04/08/2013 Author Nick Hill

The 1 minute round or presentation slot of a networking meeting is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of the meeting. Failure to admit this is akin to putting an advert for your business in a publication that co… Read more

Top 10 Business Networking TIPS

Published 09/07/2013 Author Nick Hill

Business networking is one of the best ways of attracting business. Do it right and it can yield results. By paying attention to the following TOP TIPS you’ll transform the way you perform, get g… Read more

60 second presenting: How to be specific (Elevator Pitch Step 3)

Published 10/05/2013 Author Nick Hill

Moving on from Step 2 of the Mr Presenter 5 Step Plan it’s time to be specific...... Be specific in the range of services or products you are offering at STEP 3 when giving y… Read more

60 Second presenting: How to use testimonials in your elevator pitch (Step 4)

Published 16/04/2013 Author Nick Hill

The quotation language pattern is a fantastic tool as it allows you to 'weave a testimonial' into your networker elevator pitch to demonstrate to potential prospects that you are doing… Read more