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60 Second Presenting: The Emotional Benefit Statement

Published 15/10/2013 Author Nick Hill

Step 2 – The Emotional Benefit Statement Develop a business purpose statement and ensure you are selling the emotions of your product/service wh… Read more

60 Second Presenting: Dramatically improving your Elevator Pitch

Published 04/09/2013 Author Nick Hill

How’s your networking elevator pitch? Here’s Step 1 of some tips on how to improve your existing skill: … Read more

Recruitment Sales Consultants: Presenting in the tender process

Published 01/08/2013 Author Nick Hill

As a recruitment sales consultancy trainer I often get asked to go into companies to assist people who are involved in the tender process, specifically when it comes to the presentation phase of the p… Read more

BODY LANGUAGE: Analogue Marking

Published 30/06/2013 Author Nick Hill

MAKING YOUR WORDS BOLD AND ITALIC Like me, you'll receive many emails daily. Some informative, some personal, some 'very' sales focused where the intention of the sender is to manouevre… Read more

Getting prospects to say YES

Published 13/03/2013 Author Nick Hill

The holy grail of selling is taking the prospective client on a journey with your communication, asking questions, understanding answers, providing solutions, negotiating then getting that all imp… Read more

Improve your communication skills: What are VAK Predicates?

Published 18/11/2012 Author Geoff

Read more

Presentation skill building session: Delivery skills

Published 07/09/2012 Author Nick Hill

I’ve just got back from helping a number of business owners develop their interpersonal skills and become even more effective in the presentation environment. What was really interesting to see t… Read more

Advanced Communication Skills : Time to look?

Published 01/09/2012 Author Nick Hill

I don’t know whether or not you’ve ever considered, wondered and figured out that communication happens on many different levels and speaking to you as a trainer in advanced communication skills, … Read more