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PART 2: Top 10 Elevator Pitching TIPS for business networking

Published 12/11/2013 Author Nick Hill

How are you getting on with your presentation?  Have you implemented any of the techniques from PART 1: Top 10 Elevator Pitching TIPS for business networking ? … Read more

60 Second Presenting: Dramatically improving your Elevator Pitch

Published 04/09/2013 Author Nick Hill

How’s your networking elevator pitch? Here’s Step 1 of some tips on how to improve your existing skill: … Read more

Setting goals for business networking

Published 23/08/2013 Author Nick Hill

"Market, Message, Media." I started working with a business coach some time back who I met at a networking event. When discussing marketing strategies that phrase "Market, … Read more

PART 1: Top 10 Elevator Pitching TIPS for business networking

Published 04/08/2013 Author Nick Hill

The 1 minute round or presentation slot of a networking meeting is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of the meeting. Failure to admit this is akin to putting an advert for your business in a publication that co… Read more

60 second presenting: How to be specific (Elevator Pitch Step 3)

Published 10/05/2013 Author Nick Hill

Moving on from Step 2 of the Mr Presenter 5 Step Plan it’s time to be specific...... Be specific in the range of services or products you are offering at STEP 3 when giving y… Read more

60 Second presenting: How to use testimonials in your elevator pitch (Step 4)

Published 16/04/2013 Author Nick Hill

The quotation language pattern is a fantastic tool as it allows you to 'weave a testimonial' into your networker elevator pitch to demonstrate to potential prospects that you are doing… Read more

60 Second Presenting: How to finish the Elevator Pitch

Published 19/01/2013 Author Nick Hill

This is the final step of the 5 Step Plan – Call To Action There are 2 key areas: 1. Give the audience a reminder… Read more