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Recruitment Sales Consultants: Reframing your activity to keep motivated

Published 29th October 2013


When you break down the mechanics of a recruitment sales consultant role it all boils down to a simple equation:

VC + QC = £

Volume of Communication (VC)  +  Quality of Communication (QC) = £ (Revenue Generated)


With such a simple formula why can the job be so difficult? The reason lies in the monotony of simple tasks. Pick up the phone, speak to potential clients to attain roles to work on. Attain role(s). Place adverts. Start database search or 'networking/search strategy.' Pick up the phone to speak to potential candidates. Send potential candidates to client. Pick up the phone to arrange interviewees with the client. Pick up the phone to arrange interviews with interviewees. Pick up phone to give and receive feedback, make offers - it's all about picking up the phone!


The challenge for most consultants, no matter how experienced is 'keeping motivated' to ensure that maximum levels of performance are created throughout the working day. The human mind gets bored quickly and most, not everyone, find it difficult to maintain prolonged periods of time engaging in 'one' specific area of activity.


Tricking your mind into thinking that it is doing 'different things' will ensure that you remain motivated by 'appearing that you are doing different jobs' but at the same time realising that all jobs lead to revenue generation. Look at this example:

Generating new candidates - breaking it down into multiple activity types

- Call recently placed candidates to get referrals
- Call candidates that have interviewed but not placed for referrals
- Search LinkedIN contacts
- Search internal database
- Call placed Contractors to see if they know perm staff available

Here you have 5 x tasks all geared around the same outcome - generating candidates.


If a consultant dedicated 45 minutes to each activity with 10 mins 'refresh' between tasks then the perceived 'variety' ensures that motivation and commitment levels remain high each time the individual task is started.

Motivation is what this game called recruitment consultancy sales is about. Maintaining motivation levels by re-skinning important tasks will ensure high levels of output consistently throughout your working day.

Now break down those tasks and keep motivated!




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