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Recruitment Sales Consultants: When to offer all your services to the client

Published 15th September 2013


My wife and I like eating out. We aim to do so regularly and try out different places.


Isn't it funny how some restaurants you go to present you with a menu that resembles a broadsheet newspaper, 30 odd starters, 30 odd mains, 30 odd desserts, 70 wines to choose from, 10 coffees, the list goes on. Other restaurants provide what you might describe as a smaller menu with 5 desserts, 5 mains, 5 desserts, coffee or tea - very minimal. Which do you prefer?


My wife loves the large menu. She loves it when there are lots of things to choose from. I don't! It's too confusing. You get to the end of the section and have to start all over again, going round in circles, re-familiarising myself with the items - it's mind boggling! I much prefer a smaller menu with limited (but tasty) choices. My wife is not that keen....


The reason this phenomena occurs is because as individuals we have a part of our behaviour that motivates us to take action based on the amount of things that are put in front if us. Your clients 'might be' big menu people or prefer small menus, maybe even one item! So how do you find out?

Easy! There is a question you can ask to define this. It is:

"Why did you choose to do what you do?"

If you were to answer that, how would you respond? Luckily there are only 3 styles of response.

1) You tell a story of your career or highlight 'events' that got you to where you are now.
2) You explain that it is because of your values / what is important to you.
3) You say a mix of 1 and 2

One you have the answers to the question, you know whether or not your client prefers to make choices, or not, or likes choices but needs a hand making the decision. To find out more about this visit and sign up for the free program


To create rapport at a really deep level, speaking to someone in alignment with their psychological preferences is how to do that. Appreciate that a one size fits all sales approach or process will not work. Adapting to a client and learning how they operate does!

So the next time you are offering all your services, contingent recruitment, campaign management, contract, perm etc etc, think about whether your client loves large menus. If they don't you might not get the business! That's a fact. has many more psychological questions and answers you can use with candidates and clients to ensure your communication is as effective as it can be in business winning situations. Go and take a look, it might save you a deal and create another deal for you this year!


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