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Setting goals for business networking

Published 23rd August 2013


"Market, Message, Media."

I started working with a business coach some time back who I met at a networking event. When discussing marketing strategies that phrase "Market, Message, Media" began to resonate with me. Who is my market? What message do they require? What media or platform will deliver that message? Simple when you know how. Simple when you consider all the available technology and 'routes' one can take to market. Not so simple when it comes to business networking!


The great thing about generating messages for technology is that you can plan, view, input, view, reword, send, test, resend. The great thing about working with a direct mail company is that they will provide input and guidance on how to achieve the best results from your campaign. The great thing about working with a marketeer is that they again, will provide advice, guidance and direction on what you need to do to get your desired outcome. When it comes to business networking you're on your own.


Business networking environments contain sales people and practitioners of services and trades. Even competent people who can 'do what they say they can do' (most of the time, there are exceptions!) but struggle to get the most from networking events. To be clear, I'm no 'expert' in networking but have seen over the last 5 years the good, bad and ugly of networking strategies, executed by fellow networkers in various forms and how people 'respond' in those environments.


I make money from networking and I'd like to share with you the top 5 things I take into consideration when aiming to get the most out of an event. Here goes:

TIP 1: Have a great 'return of serve' for when you are asked, "What do you do?"
Job titles carry connotation. You meet someone who has had issues with a person in your industry and as soon as you give your job title you are tarnished with the same proverbial brush. Build an emotional value statement - see this video to find out how -

TIP 2: Give value to fellow networkers
Whether that be advice, support, resources - give it. Robert Cialdini who is a leading authority on influence and persuasion defined the 'law of reciprocation' - if you do something for someone they will feel inclined to do something for you in return!

TIP 3: Be selective about who you develop deeper relationships with
You can waste precious time getting to know the wrong people. You are there to get business so align yourself with people who are in touch with your target market or can make referrals easy for you.

TIP 4: Create objectives
How many new people will you speak to? Will you make sure that you are able to explain how you've impacted a client of yours in your conversations with people?

TIP 5: Arrange 1-2-1 meetings outside of the networking meeting with people you want to
The networking event is like a speed dating session. After this, get some quality time with those you want to!

You may have thoughts about the above tips. You may have some of your own - DO SHARE!



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