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PART 2: Top 10 Elevator Pitching TIPS for business networking

Published 12th November 2013


How are you getting on with your presentation? 

Have you implemented any of the techniques from PART 1: Top 10 Elevator Pitching TIPS for business networking ?

Let me stress again the importance of the pitch before giving you the next 5 tips. When you attend a networking event you walk into the room, normally have 15-30 minutes of 'open networking' and will speak to 2-3 people during that time. After the event, you'll have another 2-3 'hi and bye' type conversations. You 'may' belong to a networking group that provides a format where you have some 10 minute appointments with people in the room, as an example use this model and you get 3 10 minute appointments at the meeting with people you choose.

So, 3 before, 3 during, 3 after = 9 conversations. BUT THERE WERE 30 people there........


The other 21 hear about you when you give your 60 second presentation. You want to create the right impression to those 21 and they will judge your presentation performance for sure and as a result, judge your competency to supply.....unfair or what?!? Better give you the rest of the tips then hadn't I! Here goes:

Many networkers don't give a clear call to action at the end of their presentation. Do I visit the website? If so what's the address? Do I call you? Do I have a 1-2-1 to find out more? TELL ME WHAT I NEED TO DO!!!

7. Give a mini testimonial
The audience is more interested in what you have done for others rather than what you say 'you' can do so explain to them what 'effect' your business has had on a client you have dealt with. Take it a step further by demonstrating financial growth or emotional growth experienced by the client.

8. Body language - STANCE
Rocking from side to side is a no no no! Rocking back and forth is a no, no, no! KEEP STILL PLEASE!

9. Hand movement
Successful communication entails your voice and body all working coherently. A nice exercise to follow to ensure that you 'do something with your hands' is to stand in front of the mirror, deliver your presentation - NO WORDS. What are you doing? How can you illustrate what you are saying with body movements? Be careful not to 'over animate' as this can cause confusion for your audience but do something rather than nothing!

10. Scale up your language
Are you offering a service? Good service? Fantastic service? Do you want to buy services or fantastic services? SCALE UP YOUR LANGUAGE!

So. There you go, 10 tips over a week to massively improve your 60 second presentation at a networking event.

Having pitch variety is probably next on your agenda because saying the same thing at every event does not cut the mustard at all. People in your network start to say to themselves, "I know what that person is about to say so maybe I'll focus on eating my breakfast. Avoid this! How? Maybe try

To your networking success!



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