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PART 1: Top 10 Elevator Pitching TIPS for business networking

Published 04/08/2013 Author Nick Hill

The 1 minute round or presentation slot of a networking meeting is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of the meeting. Failure to admit this is akin to putting an advert for your business in a publication that co… Read more

Recruitment Sales Consultants: Presenting in the tender process

Published 01/08/2013 Author Nick Hill

As a recruitment sales consultancy trainer I often get asked to go into companies to assist people who are involved in the tender process, specifically when it comes to the presentation phase of the p… Read more

Top 10 Business Networking TIPS

Published 09/07/2013 Author Nick Hill

Business networking is one of the best ways of attracting business. Do it right and it can yield results. By paying attention to the following TOP TIPS you’ll transform the way you perform, get g… Read more

BODY LANGUAGE: Analogue Marking

Published 30/06/2013 Author Nick Hill

MAKING YOUR WORDS BOLD AND ITALIC Like me, you'll receive many emails daily. Some informative, some personal, some 'very' sales focused where the intention of the sender is to manouevre… Read more

Recruitment Sales Consultants: Why features, advantages and benefits just don't cut the mustard

Published 17/06/2013 Author Nick Hill

FAB IS DEAD. If you are in recruitment sales I bet you've been on some sales training courses in your time. Some courses may have been pretty good, some not so. But one thing… Read more

Recruitment Sales Consultant: First day in your new role

Published 09/06/2013 Author Nick Hill

Whether you are new to recruitment sales consultancy, just decided to 'go it alone' or have moved to a new company, one thing is for sure, starting from scratch can be made easy with a few simple tact… Read more

How can Recruitment Consultants successfully recruit without this information?

Published 28/05/2013 Author Nick Hill

As the recruitment sales sector becomes even more competitive, those who will be successful are the ones that ‘take time’ to really understand their clients and candidates. Speaking to you… Read more

60 second presenting: How to be specific (Elevator Pitch Step 3)

Published 10/05/2013 Author Nick Hill

Moving on from Step 2 of the Mr Presenter 5 Step Plan it’s time to be specific...... Be specific in the range of services or products you are offering at STEP 3 when giving y… Read more